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Second Advisory Board Workshop

Tuesday, 2021 June 22 – 10:00 > 12:45

  • Dirk Schaefer, Eurocontrol: Host
  • Cristina Terpessi, e-Geos: Welcome and Project Introduction
  • Alberto Mennella, TopView s.r.l., Pawel Korzec, DroneRadar: Problem & Concept Definition
  • Corrado Orsini, Telespazio S.p.A.: Design and Architecture: GNSS
  • Lorenzo Rossi, PoliMi: Design and Architecture: Conversion Algorithm
  • Pawel Korzec, DroneRadar: Design and Architecture: Alerting
  • Gabriele Murchio, e-GEOS: Design and Architecture: GI Data
  • Francesco Russo, TopView s.r.l.:  Real Time Survey
  • Pawel Korzec, DroneRadar: Preliminary Prototype
  • Filippo Tomasello, EuroUsc: Services in ISO Standards
  • Manuel Onate, EuroUSC Spain:Results from Poll
  • Alberto Mennella, TopView s.r.l.: Validation Activities
  • Cristina Terpessi, e-GEOS: Roadmap and Closing meeting

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First Advisory Board Workshop

Wednesday, 2020 October 28 – 10:30 > 12:30

  • Andrew Hately, Eurocontrol: Host
  • Cristina Terpessi, e-Geos: ICARUS Introduction; Roadmap and next meeting
  • Corrado Orsini, Telespazio: ICARUS Scope
  • Alberto Mennella, TopView s.r.l.: ICARUS High level technical objectives
  • Mattia Crespi, DICEA: ICARUS Digital Elevation Models
  • Pawel Korzec, DroneRadar: ICARUS Architecture
  • Francesco Russo TopView s.r.l.: ICARUS Real Time Survey
  • Manuel Onate EuroUsc-Es ICARUS Communication & Dissemination

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