The ICARUS consortium has created a new video demonstrating the Vertical Alert Service (VALS) and Common Altitude Reference Service (CARS) that have been implemented as a result of the ICARUS project.

What does the Vertical Alert Service do?

The VALS performs live analyses of known obstacles and Surface Model (DSM) to inform about the “clearance” from obstacles within one minute of the flight (length of the BAR express velocity of an aircraft).

In other words, VALS informs about a potential collision within a minute of flying at a given speed and direction

The data in the white box on the left shows the converted heights. In this particular case, the altitudes were converted from the ellipsoidal height to the barometric heights (relative to QNE and QNH) and relative to the scanned ground surface of the DSM.

Note that the only real-time data source for this example is aircraft telemetry. Nothing more. Everything is calculated by the system.

This first demo is the result of the wonderful and outstanding commitment of ICARUS consortium.
Sometimes it’s better to create video than to explain. Therefore, I invite you to watch a short movie presenting the CARS and VALS functionalities.
Pawel Korzec

CEO, DroneRadar

For the purpose of this demo, the on-demand DSM was provided by GREy powered by Droneradar / Wroclaw Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence / Creotech Instruments S.A.

The transponder was provided by